Advisors to Kansas local government.

Citycode Financial LLC is a municipal law and public finance firm.

We offer financial advisory (bond financing) services, always up-to-date online municipal codes and municipal websites for Kansas local governments.

Our Professionals.

Our staff has an extensive background in Kansas local government and municipal finance.

Our prior experience includes serving as City Administrator, Finance Director, Municipal Attorney and Program Manager with the League of Kansas Municipalities, Bond Counsel and Bond Underwriter.

Larry Kleeman

Attorney & Financial Advisor
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Don Osenbaugh

Municipal Consultant
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Nikki Huntington

Municipal Advisor
316.685.5911 office

Libby Kleeman

Municipal Advisor
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Public Finance

Citycode Financial LLC provides independent financial advisory services to local governments throughout Kansas. Our experienced professionals assist clients with all aspects of the public financing process - from the initial evaluation of financing alternatives to the ongoing continuing disclosure required required after bonds are issued.

Municipal Codes

Stop looking through an old crumbly code book or hundreds of ancient ordinances. We do the hard work for you by keeping your city code always up-to-date. Simply email us each new ordinance, and we will update your code online (typically within 24 hours) and update your printed code books with annual supplements. Your municipal code will be a part of the largest library in Kansas at


Your city’s site will come with all the features that big cities have (calendar, documents, notifications and more) at a very affordable price. And, by placing your city’s ordinances online and simply publishing a summary in the newspaper, having a website can actually save the city money. The best part is we handle it all for you.

News & Information

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