Private company answers questions about Osawatomie State Hospital

A representative of the private company proposed to take over management of the Osawatomie State Hospital answered questions Saturday morning during the legislative breakfast in Osawatomie.

Jeremy Barr, vice president of Correct Care Recovery Solutions, said Saturday that his company seeks to improve conditions at Osawatomie State Hospital (OSH), increasing the number of beds in the area rather than taking them away.

Barr stood up at the legislative breakfast in Osawatomie, hoping to address any questions or concerns the public might have about the situation. He told residents that the proposed new hospital would be able to add 210 more beds, if not more, to the campus. This is in addition to, not inclusive of, the beds in the Adair Acute Care facility. Another town hall meeting at OSH is being planned for the near future, possibly this month.

They’ve also met with law enforcement officials, many of whom have expressed concerns about the situation and the negative impact of the current moratorium to the law enforcement community and the mental healthcare patients, who are left without recourse when beds aren’t available.The state hospital regained certification in December of last year for its 60-bed Adair Acute Care unit after several renovations and improvements were made to the facility because of its decertification in January 2016. The decertification caused the hospital to lose $1 million per month in federal funds while it remained in that state.

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