Marion County entertains more ideas for transfer station

The Marion County Commission is inundated with ideas of how to handle its solid waste issues with yet another option presenting itself at the Feb. 12 meeting.

Jack P. Chappelle, a professional engineer with Engineering Solutions & Design Inc. of Overland Park, provided information on direct hauling trash as an alternative to building a new transfer station.

Chappelle, and the company he represents, said they have had more than a 15-year relationship with the county, and was approached by the administration to provide another course of action at a cost of $4,500.

Bruce Boettcher, also a professional engineer with BG Consultants, said Chappelle with ES&D was asked to conduct an official study that was initially was scheduled for the Feb. 5 commission meeting.

Backup plan

“If nothing else,” Boett­cher said in an earlier interview, “(ES&D) can help to provide a back-up plan if the current facility were to fail before a new facility is in place or if the bond question fails.

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