Don Osenbaugh approved as Hillsboro interim city administrator as Larry Paine recuperates

The Hillsboro City Coun­cil approved arrangements at its Feb. 6 meeting to hire a part-time interim city administrator while Larry Paine recuperates from surgery.
In late January, Paine was hospitalized in Topeka after collapsing on the steps of the Capitol, where he and Mayor Lou Thurston were to participate in a municipal meeting.

Thurston reported to the council that Paine underwent surgery Feb. 6 at a Topeka hospital.

“The word we have is that the surgery was successful, and so we’re anticipating him coming out of that this afternoon,” he said.

The mayor did not speculate on how long Paine’s medical leave will be.

To assist the city in Paine’s absence, the council approved the hiring of Don Osenbaugh, who lives in Derby and has significant experience in city management and administration. Osenbaugh has worked in the areas of municipal consulting and city manager recruitment since 2013.

Since 2001, he has been the pool administrator for Kansas Municipal Insurance Trust, a consultant with Ranson Citycode Financial since 2013, and has been director of finance and field services for the League of Kansas Municipalities since 2001.

Prior to his consulting work, Osenbaugh served for four years as director of finances for the city of Derby; prior to that he was city administrator for Halstead from 1997 to 2001.

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