County and city leaders push for upgrade to Wichita’s North Junction

Wichita and Sedgwick County leaders are ramping up plans for a major change at I-135 & I-235.

“I-135, I-235 and K-254 were built in the mid 60’s to early 70’s. K-96 was built in the early 1990’s,” explains Sedgwick County engineer, David Spears.

Spears spoke in a new YouTube video put out by the county. It proclaims the junction as a bottleneck that is dangerous and outdated.

The junction handles about 93,000 vehicles a day. KSN asked county leaders about the project.

“Huge number of vehicle traffic and on average we have about four accidents a week. Many of those are injury accidents and we’ve had, really in my opinion, excessive fatalities at that interchange, so this is really a high priority,” says Sedgwick County Commissioner, Jim Howell. “My district is south, but even people down south recognize the importance of this regionally significant problem. Every week day there is clogged-up traffic and people get frustrated. There’s actually transportation companies that avoid Wichita to avoid that interchange. It’s incredibly important, and we need to get it fixed.”

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