Bel Aire council approves new Tasers for police after denying request last year

The Bel Aire City Council unanimously approved the purchase of 10 Tasers from Axon for the police department last week at a cost of $19,150, according to a report in The Ark Valley News.

A similar deal with Axon was denied by the council last April after a heated debate. The department currently has four working Tasers shared among 14 officers. The Tasers have only been used a couple of times since the department got them eight years ago, but police Chief Darrell Atteberry said in April that the threat of a Taser is often enough to subdue a suspect. “If it makes them comply, then I’m OK with that,” said Atteberry. “Then we don’t have to use force. We don’t want to have officers injured and we don’t want to have suspects injured. We’re a small city and medical costs can get pretty high. If we can get compliance without going to hands-on striking weapons or deadly force, we prefer that.”

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