Wellness program a hit for Finney County employees

Finney County employees are taking advantage of a wellness program through St. Catherine Hospital that is helping them improve their health.

The county has contracted with the hospital for the past four years. Health experts with the hospital provide wellness program services for county employees.

“Basically, through the wellness program we want to create a culture of health. It’s more about behavior change. That’s what we really work on,” Bridget Clarke, health and wellness specialist at St. Catherine, said.

Jenise Zickefoose, motor vehicle supervisor in the Treasurer’s office, got involved in the wellness program because of a concern with her weight and a desire to become healthier and in better shape.

“The program makes you accountable,” Zickefoose said. “It has helped me because I am more aware of my activity or non-activity. And we have challenges, which I love!”

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