City is moving again on plans for downtown park facelift

Troy Houtman has a plan for downtown, and the little park known as Naftzger.

“When I first took the job here, I knew that park could be a showcase spot,” says Houtman, Director of Wichita Park and Recreation Department. “We knew that would make a difference to the culture of downtown, the ambiance of downtown. Naftzger Park, the way it is right now, is a fantastic park. It is beautiful. But with the big pond in there, it’s not very level, it’s hard to do any kind of events in there.”

Houtman wanted to change that, and do it in time for the NCAA tournament that is coming to town in about a month.

The city will not make a deadline to get the park a face-lift for the NCAA crowds. But, the city is moving forward again with plans to change the face of the park.

Some who live and work downtown say they like the park, but a new look is a great idea.

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