🎥 Park sidewalks making Hays more ‘transportation-friendly’

When the up and down temperatures this winter are up, the guys at Dustin Hynes Construction have been building more sidewalks in three Hays parks. Even when the temperature falls below freezing, work is not necessarily halted.

“If it gets that cold, we cover the sidewalk with blankets made for concrete only that keeps it from freezing,” Hynes said. “If the ground is not froze, we can work.” “We’re trying to get sidewalks put in where there are needs. This work was requested by the Public Works Department. It’s a high use area and there’s actually a trail worn in the grass,” Boyle said.

“We’ve been looking at making our community transportation-friendly and that includes sidewalks. There are several areas in town where we have no sidewalks but there is literally a dirt path worn in where you can tell hundreds of people have been walking through the grass. So we’re trying to make those areas more user-friendly.”

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