Bourbon County Commissioners learn about deputies overtime, vote on wage increases

Commissioners on Tuesday voted on a wage increase for hourly employees.

Sheriff’s deputies will receive an additional $1.75 per hour, correctional officers will receive $1.60 per hour and all other hourly county employees will receive 50 cents per hour. Undersheriff Ben Cole will receive a $5,000 annual increase, according to the unofficial minutes.

The amount of raises has fluctuated during the past few weeks as commissioners and County Counselor Justin Meeks tried to determine how the increases will affect the 2018 budget. While working on the budget, commissioners had said deputies and jail staff would receive $1.75 per hour and all other employees would receive an additional 75 cents.

In December, commissioners discussed reducing correctional officers’ raises to $1.60 per hour.

On Jan. 2, after seeing the Jan. 5 payroll report, which showed more hours due to two holidays and overtime, Meeks questioned the raises.

Second District Commissioner Jeff Fischer suggested no raises be given until the cost of operating the new jail can be determined.

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