After years of train horns, Shawnee neighborhood raises money for peace and quiet

89 times a day, trains roll by Nick Renk’s front yard.

“If the train’s heavy then the windows will shake a little bit,” Renk said. “It’s just a loud, loud horn.”

For years, 73rd and Martindale in Shawnee has dealt with the nearly constant noise.

When Renk moved into his home five years ago, he had no idea how loud they were.

“’What did I just buy?’ was my first thought as I slept in the house,” he said.

He and neighbors learned to live with the noise until an angry new mom, frustrated by the trains, showed up to a homeowner’s association meeting.

“Every time she got the baby to sleep, another train would go by,” Jack Tredinnick, who lives in the neighborhood, said. “She actually broke down and cried.”

Tredinnick ended up leading the movement to do something about it.

“We just went around, knocked on doors, told them what we were doing,” he said.

“They came down to me one day to say, ‘Hey we need $40,000 to build this low water bridge,” Renk said.

The bridge would close a rail crossing at 75th Street, which the city couldn’t do because it was on private land. The city would help out, though, at 73rd and Martindale by putting in a guard.

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