Wichita police chief talks change in practice with officers arrested, charged with crime

Jax Rutledge has been charged with misdemeanor domestic battery and with criminal deprivation of property.

Police say the charges stem from an incident in October when she was off duty.

Josh Price faces a couple of misdemeanors and a felony after his arrest in October.

Police say it involves offical misconduct and stalking.

Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay says it is a change to the way they’ve done things in the past.

“That when an officer is put on leave until the conclusion of the internal investigation that they are paid,” said Chief Ramsay.

It is a practice that will now see a change.

“As we’ve evaluated our practice, and it’s our belief that more in line with community expectations, when an officer is charged with a crime where their police certification can be revoked, that they go on un-paid leave, instead of paid leave,” said Chief Ramsay.

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