City plows out in full force as slick roads stymie Wichita drivers

All 60 of Wichita’s city trucks were treating major roads Thursday as a storm system moved through the area causing havoc for many Wichita drivers.

The trucks are laying sand and salt on the roads, according to Alan King, Wichita’s public works and utilities director. They’re working 12-hour shifts until the main roads are clear. About 90 accidents were reported Thursday morning.

King said the trucks are keeping their plow blades up because there is little to no snow on the roads. The trucks are putting down a 50 percent mix of sand and salt because the more effective brine washes away easily, he said. The trucks dropped the mixture Wednesday night ahead of the winter storm, but freezing rain, sleet and snow washed much of it away, he said. Trucks started up again at around 4 a.m. Thursday. He said many of the major roads are in good condition, but trucks will keep operating until the roads are no longer slick.

King said it takes eight to 12 hours to put down the sand and salt mix on the major roads. Neighborhood streets are not treated.

A snowplow tracker is available online as well, King said.

Officer Charley Davidson said about 90 accidents were reported to Wichita police Thursday in the Wichita metro area between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m.

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