Brownback: School Spending Boost But No Tax Increase; Lawmakers wonder how

Gov. Sam Brownback, poised to leave Kansas after a generation of dominating its politics, on Tuesday called for steep infusions of money into public schools — spurring fellow Republicans to accuse him of raising hopes with a “fairy tale.” Brownback said the state can add $600 million over the next five years — without a tax hike.

The push to spend more comes in response to a Kansas Supreme Court order. In his State of the State address to lawmakers on Tuesday, the governor called for a change to the state constitution to keep the courts out of future education politics.

“We must,” Brownback said, “stop the never-ending cycle of litigation.”

Senate Majority Leader Jim Denning called the idea of adding $600 million “personally insulting.” Denning said, even without more spending on schools, Kansas is on track toward a budget shortfall .

“This is reckless,” he said. “He’s given everybody a sense of false hope that he’s just solved the school issue.”

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