Ark City plans to place new stop signs upon recommendation of committee

Starting Friday, the City of Arkansas City will place stop signs at five uncontrolled intersections in northern Ark City. East-west traffic will be required to stop there.

The move is intended to reduce the frequency and severity of vehicle collisions at the intersections.

The City Commission voted 4-0 on Dec. 19, 2017, to approve a resolution authorizing the placement of 10 new traffic control devices.
City staff plans to use reflective tape and flags on the sign poles to call attention to the new stop sign placements. Tree trimming and removal will be performed as needed to improve visibility at the most troublesome intersections, as well. Motorists are urged to use caution as drivers adjust to these changes.

The City Commission acted last month upon a unanimous recommendation of the Traffic Safety Committee — which includes representatives of city staff, Cowley College, the Planning Commission, USD 470 and the Arkansas City Area Chamber of Commerce — in taking this action.

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