Tonganoxie City Council agrees to fund new library for $3.75 million; officials had asked for $5.1 million

Tonganoxie is moving forward with plans for a new library, but the funding amount will likely require considerable compromise.

Council Member Kara Reed, with a second from fellow Council Member Curtis Oroke, made a motion to earmark $3.75 million for a new library. That would cover building costs, along with land acquisition of a portion of the former Tonganoxie Elementary School land.

The council approved an intent to purchase the land contingent upon additional appraisals of the land. Owners of the land, a handful of Tonganoxie residents who are working to redevelop the entire block, are asking $247,000 for the land.

Library Board president Steve Skeet, who also is a Tonganoxie Realtor, said an appraisal given to him was $250,000.

Revenue from a 20-year 3/4-cent sales tax, which Tonganoxie voters approved earlier this year through a mail-in ballot, will pay for the library, along with a prioritized list of infrastructure projects.

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