County Commissioner crushes gravel payback bid; who should pay for feedlot road?

A commissioner and constituent locked horns Monday over a reimbursement request for rock laid on a county road, with the individual told he should pay for it as a cost of doing business.
Mike Beneke, who operates a feedlot and has complained about the condition 280th Rd. in the area, came to the meeting with receipts in his hand and asked to be repaid for his expenses in putting down rock along that section.
Commissioner Dianne Novak was quick to say she opposed paying Beneke for the rock, since she saw the work as related to Beneke’s business.
“It is not the taxpayer’s responsibility to support the business,” Novak said.
“It’s a public road,” Beneke answered.
“I don’t care,” Novak said. “It’s your business that tore up the road. If you want a better quality of rock, feel free.”

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