Signs confusing to some residents in downtown Wichita

No left turn. Seems simple enough.

New signs for traffic turning off Central to Nims, heading into Riverside Park, have a no left turn indication. They also have a no truck sign. Some are asking if that means no trucks turning left or nobody turning left.

KSN found people turning left, because there are new left turn lanes with fresh paint, leading on Nims.

“I’m very confused, and if I were driving a truck, I would probably feel like I was in another country,” says Tony, a Wichita resident. “Because that’s very misleading.”

Some say the signs appear to show no left turn for anyone, but they turn left anyway.

“I think it’s just, people are just kind of fed up with the construction, and the fact it’s taken so long,” says Judy, who lives in the area. KSN asked city engineers about the new signage. They sent city engineer Gary Janzen.

“It’s a reasonable point, it’s a good question, I do want to take a look,” says Wichita City Engineer Gary Janzen. “Even if that’s what the manual says we do, sometimes there’s other options, there’s other variations. I want to double-check and make sure this is the right thing to do here.”

Janzen says the no truck sign means no trucks. And the sign below that shows no left turn for the trucks. There are signs on both Central on both sides, showing no left and no right going onto Nims.

And, even though the signs may be confusing to some, Janzen says a lot of thought and consideration went into the placement of the signs. But, he will be open to change, if needed.

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