Larned City Council nixes dog park at Prairie Vista

When the Larned City Council met Monday night, hopes of residents at the city’s Prairie Vista Duplexes were dashed when a split council voted against approving the installation of a fenced enclosure on the site.
At the November meeting, Prairie Vista Manager Charles Spina presented a plan for the dog park to be located on the west end of the duplex community. The community has accepted pets for the past few years, and according to Spina, installation of the 53 foot by 53 foot dog park was promised. Funds for the fence became available from an insurance settlement and a delinquent rental payment. Since yards at the community are not fenced, pets must be on leashes when outside.
The initial plan was for white vinyl picket fence, but council members were concerned it would not hold up. They asked Spina to come back in December with other options. Spina returned with a proposal for a four-foot high chain link enclosed version of the 53 ft by 53 ft. pet park. One bid, from Walker Fencing, was for materials and installation in the amount of $2,706.66. The second bid from Pawnee Valley Lumber for materials only was $1,314.33. This option would require Spina and city crews to install the fence.
Councilman Dennis Wilson raised objection to the pet park.
“The more I’ve been thinking about this, I don’t know if it’s a good idea to put a fence out there,” he said. “Some of the problems I had with it earlier — the residents are going to put their dogs out there and leave them out there, and there’s going to be barking dogs. And if it really is a public pet park, then I think we’re going to open up a whole new can of worms that we don’t want to go down. That’s just my feelings on it.”

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