Goddard moves forward with plans for new aquatic center

Residents were buzzing when the City of Goddard initially broke ground on a multi-million-dollar development in 2016, but after some financial setbacks, the city had to reevaluate their initials plans.

“It is a public/private partnership. However, the private side was unable to secure adequate funding within the timeline of the development agreement, to secure the project,” City Administrator Brian Silcott said. The first plan included an Olympic training swimming pool, an aquatic center, a hotel and baseball fields. Not much has changed from the original plans, however they did have to scrap the Olympic pool.

The new water park will be a Parrot Cove, just like the one in Garden City.

“The consistent message that we received through social media and our citizen surveys is better shopping and more dining and that’s exactly what the Goddard governing body and city staff have sought to do,” Silcott said.

The city is hoping that the new development will be completed in just 12-18 months after the new groundbreaking.

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