Voters in Medora Township in Reno Co, will cast ballots in special election

Voters in Medora Township in northeast Reno County will vote Tuesday, Nov. 28, on a ballot to give the township board the authority to construct a not-to-exceed $120,000 building for equipment storage and maintenance, and for township board meetings.
On election day, the polling site for the township’s 1,180 registered voters will be at Medora Community Bible Church, the normal voting site in the township.

Unlike most townships, Medora Township does not have a building. Road graders, high-loaders, mowers, fuel, wooden barricades, extra parts for machines and extra dirt and rock are stored at several private residences.

Insurance and liability are concerns, particularly if a township machine is parked in somebody else’s yard, according to township treasurer Steve Thetford. Also, he said, “It’s just a lot better for machinery to be inside.”

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