Clay Center Council mulls tax exemption for shelter

Last night the Clay Center City Council tabled a matter that would have lent their support to exempting property taxes for the Clay County Animal Rescue and Education Center (CCARE).
Mayor Jimmy Thatcher reported that he had received a letter from CCARE requesting that he sign a letter of support for the tax exemption, but he was reluctant to make the decision on his own, saying that it was “matter for the entire council.” “It’s just my personal opinion, but I’m not for alleviating property tax for really anything, solely because they’re supported somewhat by tax dollars,” Thatcher said.
Mayor Thatcher and Councilman Jim Brown both said they are reluctant to take any property off the tax roles. Brown recommended that if they support the measure and the shelter receives the exemption, they probably should reduce their contribution to the shelter.
CCARE pays between $4,000 to $5,000 in property taxes.
Thatcher acknowledged the shelter provides “a great service to community” and he would sign the letter of support for the exemption if the council directed him to do so.
Councilwoman Betty Livengood suggested they “sleep on it” and take it up again at the next council meeting.

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