Marshall County won’t pursue Tyson complex

The Marshall County’s economic development organization says the county does not have the resources to pursue a $320 million poultry production and slaughtering complex that is being considered for Kansas.

On Oct. 6, Tyson Foods, based in Springdale, Ark., issued an official statement to the Marysville Advocate in regard to the company’s search for a place to create a $320 million poultry production and slaughtering complex.

“The proposed poultry complex in Kansas is on hold while we evaluate our options in Kansas and other states that have expressed support,” said Worth Sparkman, Tyson Foods public relations manager. “We’ve been glad to see that several communities reached out to us and the Kansas Department of Agriculture in the past few weeks with interest in our investment. Since we’re still reviewing those communities as possibilities, we’re not sharing additional details about the project at this time.”

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