Marion County may limit airstrip use to club

Membership in a private club could be required for model airplane enthusiasts to use a paved airstrip on public property at Marion County Lake.
County counselor Susan Robson recommended Monday that commissioners require membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics instead of imposing other regulations. While on public property, the airstrip is near private homes and the county airport.
“Apparently, everybody who’s a member of the AMA already has liability insurance, already has agreed to follow all of these rules,” Robson said. “So it was their recommendation, and it would be my recommendation to you, that we post something there that says you are not allowed to fly here unless you are a member of the AMA.”
Members also carry membership cards, and Robson suggested having users check-in and the county make a copy of the card. She said the question remains of who would check in pilots.
“That seems to be a lot less paperwork and a lot easier if we just say you have to be a member of AMA,” Robson said.

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