City wants your input for a more healthy Wichita; earn $1,500 for good ideas

Wichita is asking for your ideas on how to improve it.

This health initiative has been going on for months, but as KSN discovered, many people don’t know about it or that you could get money for your idea.

Every person we talked to said they didn’t know Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell was giving up to $1,500 to every health-inspired concept. Now some of them are saying they have ideas.

“That is amazing. I did not know that,” said Lorenze Kearney, Wichita.

Also this woman from out-of-town who visits often may throw her hat in.

“Community gardens, that’s something a grant would be really good for, you could teach kids, get people working together, grow new foods,” said Melissa Carter, Hutchinson.

Mayor Longwell says they’ve only had one to two applications for the initiative, and a small number of people for his walks.

“I don’t know if they’re just busy if they just think that it’s too difficult or maybe think there’s no chance for them to receive,” said Mayor Jeff Longwell, Wichita.

Some say the community may just be in the dark.

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