Ark City Commission to discuss South Central Kansas Medical Center

Ongoing financial challenges at South Central Kansas Medical Center will be the topic of discussion Friday during an Arkansas City commission meeting at City Hall.

Commissioner Jay Warren said the intent of the meeting is to get a better picture of the hospital’s financial situation and find out what program’s they are working on.

“We’ll see how they feel about things,” Warren said. “Hopefully some good things will come out of it.”

Warren said the medical center’s recent purchase of Winfield Medical Arts doctor’s office is expected to bring in additional income.

“They’re supposed to have some numbers on how that’s going to help the hospital,” he said.

SCKMC recently announced its intention to eliminate the out-of-state portion of its lab outreach program, which sparked concerns from city officials voiced at the hospital’s board meeting last week.

A one-cent sales tax approved by voters last year, plus a half-cent tax from 2008, has helped the medical center operate in the black.

Through August, the hospital and its clinic in Ark City showed positive income of about $730,000, but that included about $1.5 million in sales tax revenue.

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