Is Wichita its own worst enemy? How attitude could be affecting the economy

Is Wichita its own worst enemy? A Sedgwick County commissioner believes in some ways it is.

Commissioner Jim Howell is calling out residents to change their attitudes about the City of Wichita. He wants them to focus on the positive aspects and what the city has to offer rather than what it might be lacking.

“Aattitude is a lot. Attitude is contagious and if you have someone that is negative and they are critical and they’re looking at all of the horrible things in our community and they don’t understand what is good about our community, that has an impact on others,” said District 5 Commissioner Jim Howell.

Howell and several other community leaders recently visited Raleigh, North Carolina for the city-to-city tour.

“Basically, we compare ourselves with other communities that are thriving and doing well, find out what works for them, what’s good, what’s bad, find out how they solve problems,” Howell said.

Howell said he had two major takeaways from the trip: there is a need to invest public capital in new quality of life opportunities and there is a need to develop fresh, positive attidues about the Wichita community.

“One of the people in our own trip said, you know, ‘come to Wichita and you will like us better than we do.’ Well, that was kind of a funny joke, but the reality is there some truth to that,” Howell said. “I have gone to some of the Go Wichita events where they talk about how great Wichita is, we market ourselves to other communities, but you talk to people who live here and they don’t know what’s good about Wichita.”

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