Hodgeman Co. hospital is asking for $1.5M loan

Hodgeman County Health Center is asking for a $1.5 million no-fund warrant through the state, a kind of loan for municipalities in financial trouble.

“We’re not the first or the last rural hospital,” said Sarah Rains, Hodgeman County Clerk. “Especially, the more out west you get, the harder it is to have critical access care, and a lot of hospitals are financially struggling.”

The loan comes at a cost to taxpayers, and it would be paid off over five years through a mill levy increase.

Hospital officials said they have enough funds to operate for the next 60 days. The county clerk estimates it will take about 6 weeks to get the warrant approved as a short-term fix.

The hospital said a consultant is being brought in to look at what the hospital can do long-term to stay open.

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