Hays to talk large lot development policy

Development of large lots, more than 2 acres, in the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) of Hays will be discussed Thursday by city commissioners.

The intent of the ETJ, the three-mile-area outside the city limits, is to provide a high level of protection for Hays’ future growth.

According to the city’s Unified Development Code (UDC) “Urban type development is not to be encouraged unless the city or the county agrees to provide the level of service necessary to provide a reasonable level of fire and police protection, a public water source, sanitation service, paved streets and administrative service, such as a coordinated street naming and addressing system.”

The Hays Board of Realtors has approached the city about allowing large lot developments within the ETJ. In April during a joint meeting, city and Ellis County Commissioners decided a policy should be created to guide such development.

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