Great Bend Interim City Administrator says former Administrator Partington “ran a good shop.”

Staff members with the City of Great Bend were able to introduce themselves for the first time to recently appointed Interim City Administrator George Kolb Wednesday afternoon.

Kolb acquired the position Monday night after the Great Bend City Council approved a committee’s selection of Kolb over one other applicant. Kolb has a long history of serving in similar city manager positions since the early 1970s.

Kolb made it very clear that his stay in Great Bend is temporary and is here to bridge the gap between the old and the new administrator. Kolb noted he knew former city administrator Howard Partington and thought he “ran a good shop.” Asked if he felt the turmoil within the City of Great Bend was better following the suspension and reinstatement of Police Chief Cliff Couch, Kolb responded with “let’s hope so.” Kolb added that the situation did not factor into his decision to come to Great Bend.

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