With boom in residential, commercial redevelopment, Prairie Village taking look at future of Village Vision comprehensive plan

Ten years ago, after more than a year work by city staff, planning commission members and consultants, the Prairie Village city council adopted a bold comprehensive plan outlining priorities for making the city an attractive place to live and work. Village Vision, as the plan was dubbed, called for the city to take proactive steps to encourage the redevelopment of an aging housing stock and shopping centers, as well as envision future uses for large swaths of land that might become available.

Fast forward a decade, and many of the “to dos” on the Village Vision docket have been checked off. Corinth Square has undergone a massive renovation that has brought with it new restaurants and tenants, and the Village Shops have seen considerable investment as well. Meadowbrook Country Club is being transformed into part park, part residential development, with a mix of housing options that Village Visions suggested would be good fits for the city.

In other areas, however, some of Village Vision’s ambitious goals have seen relatively little progress. While there has been a wave of teardown-rebuild projects, they’ve mostly come outside the areas most urgently targeted for conservation and improvement. And only bits of a grand vision for the redevelopment of the 75th Street corridor have moved forward.

Now, city staff and elected officials are discussing whether the plan needs a significant update as Prairie Village looks to the next decade and beyond. On Monday, planning consultant Chris Brewster presented the council with an overview of how Village Vision currently interfaces with the city’s zoning regulations, and what steps Prairie Village would need to take to update the entire plan or strategic sections of it. Both Brewster and city staff agree that much of Village Vision’s guidance is still relevant and appropriate, but Brewster noted a number of “emerging issues” that the city may need to address.

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