Seward County may be moving health department

Though nothing will be official for at least a few months, the Seward County Health Department may soon have a new home.
Following two executive sessions Monday, county commissioners voted 4-1, with commissioner C.J. Wettstein voting no, to enter into a lease purchase agreement with First National Bank for the financing of property located at 1411 W. 15th Street in Liberal.
“The intended purpose of that purchase is to begin to replace the current existing Seward County Health Department building, which we have on the corner of Second and Lincoln,” commission chairman Nathan McCaffrey said following the vote.
Commissioner Jack Jacob said the move by the board to approve the agreement makes more sense than continuing to make repairs to a seemingly outdated building where the health department currently sits.
“Part of my rationale for voting for that is the issue that we’ve already identified $400,000 worth of repairs that need to be done to the existing health department building, and that is short of making it ADA-compliant,” he said. “There will be additional costs to deal with that issue. To me, the issue of costs versus costs, it ended up being negligible. You have the choice of repairing an existing facility that’s already too small, has too little parking and has no room to grow versus another facility that will allow all of those things.” Even though the health department is changing location, people will still be able to get their health plan at
Jacob added purchasing an existing building likewise makes more sense than building a new facility.
“Yes, there are some repairs that need to be made as far as updating paint and carpet, but for me, that made it an easier choice when thinking of that purchase versus building a $2 million to $3 million building that would be of sufficient size,” he said.

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