Search for next Atchison city manager begins

The city of Atchison’s search for a new city manager is officially on.

The requirements for the position call for a minimum of five years’ experience as a city manager, assistant city manager or city department head, a background as a leader, manager and organizer, and a bachelor’s degree in public administration, business administration, or a related field. A master’s degree is preferred. Candidates must also be community-driven, team-minded, and goal-oriented, according to the job description posted on the city’s website. Prior to Cocking’s departure, the Atchison City Commission had decided to set that deadline just ahead of the general election on Nov. 7, when a majority of the commission could change over.

“I think it will be important that there is input from incoming commissioners, if there are incoming commissioners,” Cocking said in August. “I think there’s a recognition that it doesn’t do anybody any good if there’s a new city manager that comes in and you have three different commissioners get elected … and they want something different or (new commissioners) feel like they weren’t included.”

In the interim, Finance Director/Assistant City Manager Becky Berger is serving as city manager.

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