Event permits, bonds, zoo projects on Hutch council agenda

Hutchinson City Council will consider changing policies and fees for special events, issuing and refinancing almost $6.5 million in bonds and approving improvements at the Hutchinson Zoo during the council meeting Tuesday morning.

Special events

City Council will consider updating the policy and fees associated with permits for special events on city property. The proposed fee schedule is more than existing rates, established in 1996, but less than an earlier draft the council considered.

Fees: The proposed new fees, which would go into effect Jan. 1, include a $25 application fee, a pemit fee of $50, $100 or $300, depending on the length of the event, and possible fees of $25 for use of barricades and cones for street closures and $55 per police officer per hour for events that need use of police.

Changes from earlier draft: The proposal the council will consider Tuesday exempts parades from the charge for police officers and eliminates a deposit based on expected attendance.

Public input: At a special meeting to discuss the proposal on Sept. 12, Chris Barnes of Smith’s Market asked that the city limit the number of days streets downtown are closed, because it hurts business. He said Saturdays are the busiest days for his business, but if Main Street is closed, many of his regular customers won’t bother with the hassle and will buy their groceries elsewhere. He said parades aren’t an issue, but all-Saturday and all-weekend events hurt.

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