Pratt County discusses tax sales and activity at Veteran Memorial Lake

The next round of tax sales for Pratt County should be ready to go sometime this fall. Pratt County Counselor Bob Schmisseur brought Pratt County Commissioners up to date on the tax sale status at their regular meeting on Sept. 11.

Schmisseur said the delinquent taxes would be published in the Tribune three times and he expects some of the over due taxes will be paid. Without the publication, some people would not pay their taxes.

While tax sales bring in some money to the county, by the time the delinquent taxes are published in the Tribune, the income to the county is small.

“I doubt I’ll clear $1,000,” Schmisseur said. Doug Freund, county road and bridge inspector, said the new signs announcing kayak rental at Pratt County Veteran’ Memorial Lake have to be placed on county property so the one by U.S. 281 and Lake Road will have to be away from the highway enough to be off state property.

The Commissioners and Freund discussed the possibility of adding paddle boats and the necessary changes that would have to happen for storage.

Commissioner David Ward said paddle boats were definitely in the mix. The current storage building a the lake doesn’t have enough room for paddle boats so other storage plans will have to be made after the boating season is over. Freund said he was going to need another full time person at the lake and he would still need some part time labor in the summer when lake activity is at its height. The Commissioners will consider the additional lake staff at a later meeting.

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