City of Wichita addresses smelly drinking water

An official with the City of Wichita says the public drinking water, while smelling and tasting unpleasant, poses no health risks.

City spokesperson Van Williams says the odor and taste is due to seasonal changes in Cheney Reservoir, adding that Public Works & Utilities officials say the water is safe.

“Cheney Reservoir, one of two primary water sources for Wichita customers, is experiencing the seasonal die off of algae, which releases into the water a compound called geosmin,” Williams said. “Geosmin can cause unpleasant odors and affect taste.”

He said once the change in water chemistry was detected, the water treatment process was adjusted.

“City officials will continue to monitor the water quality and make adjustments as necessary. Customers will begin to notice drinking water return to standard quality over the next four days.”

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