Shawnee City Council discusses potential new reappointment policy

The Shawnee City Council is considering a new policy establishing guidelines over appointments and reappointments to city boards and commissions, with the hope it will encourage more community involvement and allow the process to be more simplified.

At its council committee meeting on Tuesday evening, the governing body mulled over two policy options.

The policy the council unanimously chose to go forward to a city council meeting for a vote was option number one, which would allow those already serving on a board or commission to be reappointed more smoothly. Many of the council members stated they favored option one because it was simpler for board and commission members who wish to be reappointed. Councilman Jeff Vaught, however, said he believed the current appointment/reappointment process has been working really well and he was worried the council was trying to complicate it.

“They’re volunteers, they’re not getting paid for it and most of the time we’re just happy to have somebody step up and do it and we’re acting like they’re going through this screening process to work at NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command),” he said, in exasperation. “Let’s just make it easy.”

Councilman Brandon Kenig agreed the process shouldn’t be a hassle for those facing reappointments.

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