Douglas County commissioners to consider software designed to provide efficiency in behavioral health service delivery

The Douglas County Commission will consider a request Wednesday from one of its members that it take Johnson County up on an offer to provide a software program designed to provide the more efficient delivery of behavioral health services.

Commissioner Nancy Thellman said she would ask her two fellow commissioners to instruct county staff to work with Johnson County to bring My Resource Connection to Douglas County. She said the software program would be a valuable asset in providing efficient treatment to high-volume users of behavioral health services.

In an April presentation to commissioners, Chris Schneweis, senior management analyst for Johnson County, said the software program Johnson County developed allows case managers and probation officers to search for what services a client is receiving. In addition, the program allows case mangers to locate agencies in the United Way database that provide food, shelter and transportation.

Johnson County would share the program at a “nominal” cost, Schneweis said. Johnson County developed My Resource Connection after a 1999 audit found gaps in services provided by the county, as well as duplications and inefficiencies in service delivery, which had one Johnson County resident receiving services from 27 different agencies and 17 case managers.

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