City decides on fowl language

Ducks are welcome in Marion after city council passed a much debated and researched fowl ordinance revision at Monday’s meeting.
In July, Jason and Tiffany Ivy requested a waiver to the original ordinance, which allowed only chickens to be kept in town. The Ivys have had ducks to provide eggs for Tiffany’s diet. She is allergic to chicken eggs.
Unlike previous meetings, there was little discussion, save for determining the ratio of ducks to chickens to be used to determine the number of birds one person could keep.
City staff came prepared.
“We have them (ordinances) drafted for three, four, and five ducks,” city administrator Roger Holter said.
Council member John Wheeler recommended going with a version in which one duck would count as three chickens toward the maximum number of 20 fowl allowed.
Council unanimously passed the ordinance.
Addressing Jason Ivy, who was in the audience, Mayor Todd Heitschmidt said, “It’s official now, you can have your ducks and they won’t be arrested.”

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