STAR bond financing comes to the table in Atchison

Two major projects which seemed a far way off at the beginning of this year are coming into better focus.

The Atchison City Commission was presented at last Tuesday’s meeting with two possible options for financing the STAR bonds sought in support of two major economic development projects. Commissioners were presented with the question of how best to issue a debt of about $2 million as well as two long-term options for paying it back.

The city has worked since the beginning of this year toward securing STAR bonds, a revenue bond that allows the increased sales tax generated in a special district to pay the issued debt. The bonds are being pursued in support of the proposed Amelia Earhart museum at the airport and enhancements at the farmers’ market downtown. Most recently, the state Department of Commerce approved the city’s STAR bond district, signaling the state’s support of the projects. Now, as the city prepares a required STAR bond plan, more details are coming to the surface, including financing, as commissioners discussed last week.

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