Larned City Council revisits pool concerns

Depending on what time of the year the discussion of a city swimming pool comes up, it can be seen as either a bane or a boon to a community. When it’s hot and the kids are out of school, the pool is generally seen as a vital benefit, but at budget time, the cons often outweigh the pluses. A conversation concerning the Larned City Pool, begun by City Manager Bradley Eilts at the August city council meeting, continued Tuesday night, with a request from council members to extend community participation to include the Larned High School student council. In August, Eilts cited several concerns which were identified during 2018 Budget Work Sessions. Past its normal lifespan, the pool is leaking and losing water daily, pumps are old and worn, the filtration system is old and finding parts is becoming increasingly difficult. In addition, the decking needs to be replaced, the lifeguard stands need attention, the slide needs replaced, and there is no children’s pool.
“There really are no easy, one size fits all, or inexpensive solutions to this situation,” Eilts wrote in a summary memo to council members.
He also noted repairs or replacement can run into seven figures, and resources are limited. Recent tax lid legislation, as will as higher prioritized projects need to be considered. Still, he advanced the idea of starting to study the issue, and involve the community in the process now, in order to find a solution that reflects the needs and desires of the community.

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