Kansas Turnpike’s 1st high-speed toll lane opens between KC, Lawrence; equipment can read K-Tags at 75 mph

For Kansas highway drivers, this succession of signs seems like an oxymoron:



Those are the instructions for a new high-speed toll lane — the first of its kind in the state — that just opened at the Kansas Turnpike’s eastern terminal near Bonner Springs.

Westbound drivers with a K-Tag can keep left to cruise through a gateless toll lane and onto the Turnpike without slowing below normal highway speeds.

For now, with ongoing construction in the area, the speed limit through the fast lane is 55 mph. However, when construction is finished and workers are out of the way the speed limit will be 75 mph, or full highway speed, Kansas Turnpike Authority spokeswoman Rachel Bell said. “This is a very big deal for our customers, and for KTA,” Bell said.

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