Hutch City Council to discuss event fees and arena rental

Looking to streamline the procedures and recoup some of its expenses, the Hutchinson City Council will go over policies for special event fees and permits during study session on Tuesday.

The matter of revising fees and permits came up during the City Council’s budget meeting. The hope is to limit some of the financial burden placed on the city for use of law enforcement, facilities, and public works.

The policy will also cover what the city can and cannot provide to the event and the cost of permits and fees along with contact information and timelines for getting permit requests turned into the city. This is the proposal how rentals work that comes to very large events, such as parades. Under the proposal, such events would be exempt from fees.

Also Tuesday, the Council will go over fees and update policy for renting the Sports Arena. The proposed policy covers everything from security to merchandise sales and event setup.

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