Counties offer EMS options

After increasing the EMS budget for 2018 by 42 percent over 2017, Marion County residents could end up paying more for ambulance service than 11 Kansas counties closest in population. And that’s after commissioners took another look at the budget and slashed about $165,000 from personnel, intended to come from about $248,000 in overtime pay
Information on 2017 budgets, derived from Kansas Department of Revenue, for Allen, Bourbon, Brown, Cloud, Jackson, Linn, Marion, Marshall, Nemaha, Osage, Pratt, and Rice counties, was provided to the newspaper by Randy Collett and Anthony Roy, economic development directors for Marion and Hillsboro.
In 2017, Marion County was on the higher end of ambulance service expense. If others did not increase for 2018, Marion’s service would be the most expensive.
But comparing budgets alone can be deceiving. At least four different models for ambulance service exist among the 12 counties.
Calls to county clerks and EMS directors in several of the counties expand on the financial comparisons, revealing different methods for ambulance service.

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