Baldwin City official says rebate plan could boost already good housing trend

A good year for housing starts in Baldwin City should get an additional boost when a neighborhood revitalization plan gets its final approval later this month, Baldwin City Administrator Glenn Rodden told city council members Tuesday.

In March, the Baldwin City Council approved a neighborhood revitalization plan, which would rebate 100 percent of the property tax value of new residential, industrial and commercial construction for five years. It would give the same rebate on improvements to an existing home or business that increase its property value by more than 10 percent. The rebate is available to all projects within the city limits.

Earlier this month, the Baldwin City school board approved the plan. Rodden clarified, however, that the school district can’t rebate revenue from 28 mills of the 63.669 mills it will assess in the coming year. State statute prevents the school district from rebating revenue from its 8-mill capital outlay fund or the 20 mills collected for its general fund, he said.

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