Wichita City council to vote on using money from Hyatt sale for community improvements

The Wichita City Council Tuesday will vote whether to use some money it made in last year’s sale of the Hyatt Regency hotel to fund several community improvement projects.

Each of the city’s five council districts has plans for the approximate $20 million from last September’s sale.

“Based on City Council policy, these funds are available for specific priority areas based on City Council direction,” the city says. “On December 20, 2016, the City Council approved the allocation of $10 million in Hyatt proceeds for the Supplemental Pavement Maintenance Plan and $4 million for the Transit Sustainability Plan.”

Of the available money for additional projects, the city says $900,000 goes toward building a hangar for restored B-29, Doc . There is $1 million planned for improvements at Pawnee Prairie Park. About $250,000 is planned to restore the historic Dunbar Theatre. To make sure money toward this project is put to the best use, the city recommends the formation of an advisory board. The city says it believes the advisory board will help the project stay on track. A group behind the push to restore the Dunbar Theatre eyes a 2020 completion date for the project.

You can find a complete list of projects planned from the Hyatt sale here .

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