Teens propose tobacco-free parks in Hutchinson

Teenage members of Reno County Communities That Care spoke Tuesday morning at Hutchinson City Council meeting to request the city adopt a tobacco-free parks policy. Destanee Brigman-Reed said South Hutchinson, Nickerson, Arlington, Haven and Buhler have supported tobacco-free parks policies this year.

Tyler Lang said the group has picked up cigarette butts in parks and found 530 in Avenue A Park and 537 in Carey Park.

Brigman-Reed said 12 other Kansas cities have tobacco-free parks, and Abbey Pemberton said if Hutchinson adopts such a policy, it could get signs for free from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s KanQuit program. A sign displayed at Tuesday’s meeting said, “Young lungs at play! This is a tobacco-free zone.” Mayor Jon Daveline said the city wouldn’t take action on the proposal Tuesday, but referred the matter to City Manager John Deardoff and City Attorney Paul Brown to review and make a recommendation at a later meeting.

Council member Jade Piros de Carvalho complimented the teens on their research and congratulated them on their successes in other cities, and she said she was in favor of the proposal.

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