Eudora City Commission approves interlocal agreement that maintains annual library funding

The Eudora City Commission approved on Monday an interlocal agreement with Eudora Township that will maintain the current funding for the Eudora Township Library.

The agreement corrects an issue that should have been addressed when the city changed in 2011 from a city of the third class to one of the second class. With that change, the township lost its taxing authority within the city limits but continued to levy 4 mills of taxes in the city for the library’s annual operations.

The approved agreement, which is to be renewed annually, calls for the city to contract library services from the township. It also commits the city and township to establish the same mill levy to support the library. This year that rate is again 4 mills.

The agreement also stipulates that the five-member library board will continue to have three representatives from the city and two from the township.

Eudora City Manager Barack Matite said the agreement does not provide a means for the township to levy property taxes to retire bond debt within the city. A committee in support of the new library is currently conducting a capital campaign to raise as much money as possible to help with the cost of building a new $3 million library in Eudora, but it is assumed voters will be asked to approve a bond issue to help with that expense.

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