Easement tiff is discussed

The Cowley County Commission took a ride down county Monday morning to inspect the easement situation at the entrance to the Robert Istas home in rural Arkansas City.

In addition to commissioners Wayne Wilt, Alan Groom and Bob Voegele, present were county administrator Lucas Goff, county clerk Karen Madison, county counsel Mark Krusor, county public works superintendent David Lawson, homeowner Robert Istas and Istas’s lawyer, Jason Brewer.

Lawson explained that the 90-foot easement, which had caused the county to question Istas’s siting of his gate, fence, keypad and mailbox, was put in place so that the county could do the dirt work for the bridge they built just north of the property entrance a number of years ago. When they finished building the bridge, they left just the 90-foot easement in place.

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