Officials say wastewater capacity must increase

One way or another, the capacity at Derby’s Wastewater Treatment Plant needs to increase. That’s the message from city officials who are moving ahead to find ways to do just that.

Among the items approved in the city’s 2018 budget, which must be submitted to the Sedgwick County Clerk by Friday, is a proposal within the capital improvement plan to permit the plant to process more wastewater. It’s thought that the expense will be funded through bonds; however, officials caution that they may be forced to increase wastewater rates. That will be decided after the first two steps are taken in order to get a better construction estimate.

“It’s time to starting thinking about and planning for what will be an expensive improvement and enhancement for our wastewater treatment plant,” Sexton told the Council as part of the recent budget process.

Unlike highly visible city services, such as the police and fire departments, treatment of wastewater, which is all the liquids and matter flushed down toilets, along with liquids from sinks, bathtubs and commercial operations, such as restaurants, is not something most citizens see in operation – but it’s necessary.

“The city has to provide sewer service,” Sexton said. “That’s a basic function and a function a lot of people take for granted. We’ve had one plant for 25 years and it is nearing capacity and it is time to build on.”

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